(Cyamopsis tetragonolobus)

#700  -  Navbahar

This crunchy bean is low in calories and popular throughout India.  The plant is extremely hardy and grows easily even in drought-like conditions. Approximately 75-85 seeds/pkt.

#700-Pkt.  $2.49    #700Z -1 oz. $8.00


Yard Long Bean (Vigna sinensis)                         # 705 - Usha

Also known as asparagus bean.   Heat and wet tolerant. Pods: long and slender,  50 to 70 cm long, medium green color.  The vines are rampant climbers, so plant next to a bean tower or trellis.
Maturity: beginning of harvest 50-60 days after sowing.  Pick beans when they are the width of a pencil.
#705-Pkt. $2.49   #705Z - 1 oz. $8.00

YLB - Black Seeds

Yard Long Bean - BLACK SEEDED VARIETY    # 706- Lata

High-yielding variety with vigorous growth and purplish-yellow flowers. Beans are dark green with a purple tip. Pod length is 55 - 60 centimeters.
Plants first flower after about 35 days and can be first harvested after 45 days. Seeds are black.

Pkt. $2.49

# 725 - Red Chori (Vigna Angularis)

Also known as Adzuki (azuki) beans, red chori, and red cow peas.  Chori beans are sweet and relatively easy to digest and don't take as long to cook. The adzuki is used in Asian cuisines in salads and even as a topping on shaved ice or ice cream.

Pkt.  $2.49

#715 - Soybean (Lysine Max)                       Lucky Lion: 76 days. Vivid green soybean. Large pods. Excellent eating quality. Soybeans are an important global crop and has been used as food in eastern Asia long before written records.  Soybeans are a source of complete protein.  Vegetarians rely on them often for protein in place of meat or fish.  For edamame just boil pods in lightly salted water for 5 minutes.  Shell and enjoy.  Best grown in a rich topsoil with plenty of sand added.

Pkt.  $2.49

Papdi Beans (Dolichos lablab)                        # 710-Priya The hyacinth bean is a very decorative vine that grows rapidly, likes the summer heat and can be used as a vegetable. It is also called Val Bean, Valore bean and Indian Bean.
The complete plant is edible . The young leaves can be eaten in salad, the older leaves can be cooked. The flowers are edible raw. The young beans should be harvested and used to prepare Indian dishes.The dried seed should not be eaten.
                                               #710-Pkt.  $2.49    #710Z -1 oz.  $8.00

#750 Yellow Wax Kentucky Wonder(Phaseolus vulgaris)

A type of snap bean that is very similar to a green bean except for the yellow color. This bean is picked at the early or immature stage of development, when it is tender, sweet and crisp, and eaten with the pod on.

Approximately 30 seeds/pkt  $1.49

#760 Royal Burgundy Bean(Phaseolus vulgaris):

A glossy deep purple-podded bean. A colorful addition to the garden, pods are delicious and turn dark green when cooked. Pods are round, stringless and 5 to 6 inches long at maturity. A bush bean, the plants grow well in cool conditions and has resistance to several bean viruses. 52 days to maturity.  Approximately 30 seeds/pkt  $1.49


  Snap Pea                                           

#790 Sugar Daddy  (Pisum Sativum)              Snap peas are a  cross between snow peas and green peas.  Dwarf 24-30 inch vines need little support and produce stringless double pods at each node of the top of the plant for easy picking. Popular in Chinese stir-fry dishes. 62 days.

Approximately 30 seeds/pkt $1.49

Green Pea (Pisum Sativum)                              #780 Wando: A long time favorite that is tolerant of heat. Bears 3" pods packed with large, delicious peas. The pods are easier to pick if you give the 2-1/2 ft. plants string or wire to climb. Plant outdoors in full sun, in early spring for an early summer harvest or mid to late summer for a fall harvest. Pick while pods are young. 60 days.

Approximately 30 seeds/pkt $1.49




Sweet Corn: #910: Serendipity Bicolor
The best sweet bicolor that we tasted in the fields, you will marvel over Serendipity’s smooth, soft-crisp texture and ambrosial flavor. It is actually known as a triple-sweet!  a breeding breakthrough that creates extra sugar and allows for an extended harvesting window. Serendipity is able to retain its tender sweetness even when under stress from overly hot temperatures. It produces fine 8” cobs, just under 2” in diameter, with 16 to 18 perfectly filled rows. The sweetest of summer treats! (F1.) 82 days $1.25


#701: Indian bean Collection:     1 ea of USHA, PRIYA  & NAVBAHAR    $5.00
  • Beans are directly sown into the garden after soil has warmed up.

  • Treat bean seeds with nitrogen inoculant (available in garden centers) to increase yields.

  • Harvest regularly while the pods are still tender to keep plants producing.

Our young gardening friend from Dallas, TX harvesting yard-long beans.