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Edible Gourds, Squash and Pumpkins
Bottle gourd Monsoon - Product Image
Bottle gourd Monsoon

Vigorous plants with prolific bearing habit. Fruits are tender and cylindrical 1 ft. long fruit weighing 1.5 Kg. The rind is smooth, dark green with white specks. The flesh is white with slow seed maturity. It is a heavy yielder.
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Sponge gourd - Sweet Honey - Product Image
Sponge gourd - Sweet Honey

Sponge gourd or luffa is eaten as a vegetable in it's immature stage. Also known as Galka in India. The sweet honey sponge gourd is our special selected variety, vigorous and prolific. Fruit is green in color, 2 in wide and 10 in long, weighing up to 8 oz. It has excellent taste. Maturity is in 45 days after transplanting.
SKU Number: 955
Price: $2.49 

Pumpkin - Jade Prince - Product Image
Pumpkin - Jade Prince

Pumpkin (Jade Prince) is a hybrid variety that shows vigorous growth, good resistance to viruses and diseases and is prolific. The fruit weighs 1.5-3.0 kg and has a long shelf life. Flesh is orange-yellow in color, firm and has an excellent sweet taste. Maturity is around 60-75 days from sowing, suitable for both immature green fruit and fully matured fruit. Easy to set, each plant can set about 2-5 fruits.
SKU Number: 566
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Ridge Gourd - Madhuri  - Product Image
Ridge Gourd - Madhuri

(Luffa acutangula) Madhuri is a highly productive ridge gourd, with a fruit length of 13". with a wide blossom end. The thick flesh is sweet and crisp. A healthy vegetable high in fiber, and minerals. Easy to grow and resistant to insect damage. Ridge gourds have a long growing season of 100 to 180 frost-free days until harvest. If you live in an area with short growing season, you can start seeds indoors four weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. U, HY
SKU Number: 520
Price: $2.49 

Bottle gourd-Bhim - Product Image
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Bottle gourd-Bhim

(Lageneria siceraria) Light green bottle-shaped fruit, from 3- 5 ft. long. Approx 20 seeds/pkg U,OP
SKU Number: 356
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Bottle gourd-Alok - Product Image
Bottle gourd-Alok

(Lageneria siceraria) Bottle gourd, also known as bottle squash, calabash gourd, Doodhi, or Lowki is a delicious vegetable that has many uses. Its delicate nutty flavor adds greatly to hot curries as well as cooling yogurt dishes like Raita. It can be used like squash but it has a firmer, crisper texture. Alok is a light green variety, 1.5 ft long. 15- 20 seeds/pkt.



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