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 Okra, or bhindi is a delicious pod that is an indispensable ingredient in stews, curries, deep fried or grilled. Easy to grow and extremely productive.

In India, okra is referred to as "Ladies Fingers".  Indian varieties of okra are an attractive dark green, with fruits that remain tender longer.

The average fruit size is 9-10cm and the average fruit weight is 9-10gm.  Fruits are shiny, smooth and easy to pick.

Good field adaptability with dark green fruits and foliage. High yield with excellent fruit quality.


Chanchal is borne on vigorous, tall erect and well branched plants, bearing fruits in two flushes. During the first flush fruits are borne on the main stem, 40-45 days after sowing. During second flush, the fruits are borne on short branches, which emerge from the middle portion of the main stem. Fruits are long (15-20cm), spineless, lush green and tender. Highly tolerant to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV). It is a heavy yielder.


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Dark green, tender fruits 10-12 cm long, with excellent keeping qualities. Highly tolerant to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV) and powder mildew disease. Maturity is in 48 days after sowing. Will continue producing for 4 months.

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A smooth skinned hybrid variety that is early and a prolific bearer. Straight pods, 10-12 cm remains tender. Early 38-40 days.

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A very unique variety of okra. Attractive 4 foot plants with green leaves and burgundy stems, branches, and leaf ribs. Tender 5-7" deep burgundy pods turn green when cooked. All-American Winner.


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