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Peppers-Hot and Sweet
Wiri wiri pepper seeds - Product Image
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Wiri wiri pepper seeds

For our customers from Guyana and other adventurous gardeners, we are pleased to carry seeds of the "Wiri wiri" Pepper. A type of Capsicum frutescens found in the Carribean these tiny pepper rivals habanero in heat. Excellent for salsas, and curries.
SKU Number: 412
Price: $2.99 

Sweet Pepper - Dulhan - Product Image
Sweet Pepper - Dulhan

A sweet pepper that resembles a tomato. Fascinating new variety bred by our scientists in India. Although it looks like a tomato the flavor is like a bell pepper with a surprising hint of heat. This variety is well worth a try.
SKU Number: 300
Price: $2.49 

Bell Pepper-Taza - Product Image
Bell Pepper-Taza

is a blocky 4 lobed hybrid green variety. You too can grow these beauties that sets fruit within 65 days of transplanting.
SKU Number: 310
Price: $2.49 

Bell Pepper-Sona - Product Image
Bell Pepper-Sona

Have you seen the prices of Yellow Bell Peppers in the supermarket. Why not grow your own? A vigorous growing and high yielding hybrid, that turns from vivid green to golden yellow. Be the envy of your neighborhood when you grow these glowing masterpieces. Maturity 85-90 days.
SKU Number: 315
Price: $2.49 

Hot Pepper-Shanti - Product Image
Hot Pepper-Shanti

A dark green chilli for fresh use. Plants are tall, vigorous and virus tolerant, fruits are long and thin (4 in.), dark green, smooth, mild in flavor and high yielding. Hybrid.
SKU Number: 389
Price: $0.00 
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Bell Pepper Narangi - Product Image
Bell Pepper Narangi

The young square-shaped fruit starts out dark green, and becomes orange upon maturing. The size is about 9.1cm long and 8.9 cm in diameter, weighing about 8 ounces, and can be harvested at about 105-110 days from sowing. It also has unique fruit color and tastes sweet and crisp. Resistant to Potato virus Y.
SKU Number: 313
Price: $2.49 

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