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Jasminum sambac "Grand Duke of Tuscany"-AVAILABLE FOR PREORDERING

Slow growing evergreen jasmine with clusters of highly fragrant double white flowers. Also known as Butt Mograw. A tall growing shrub with gardenia type flowers in spring and summer. Suitable for training up an arbor or trellis. It makes a great container plant for the patio or deck where its perfume like fragrance can be enjoyed.

3 sizes

Small: 4-5" plant in 3" pot

Medium: 6 in plants in 3 inch pot

Large: 8 in plant in 4 inch pot.


Preorders will start shipping out in early May ! 

 We are sorry to inform you that we can no longer ship plants to California


Our plants are healthy at the time of shipping. If for some reason you feel that the plant is damaged during transit please send us a digital photo within 5 days of receipt for us to consider replacement. Due to strict customs regulations we cannot ship plants outside mainland USA.

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