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Chukka kura NEW FOR 2016!

(Rumex vesicarius)

Chukkakura looks similar to spinach, with broad dark green leaves and thick stems. Chukka leaves are sour and a bit meatier than spinach and they are triangular in shape. The pungent leaves have a tart, lemony flavor.

This variety of sorrel is known as Khatta palak, Ambat chukka, Indian Sorrel and Chukka Kura in various parts of India.

SKU Number: 645
Price: $2.49 

Green stemmed gongoora NEW FOR 2016!

Green stemmed or white stemmed variation of gongoora.

(Hibiscus sabdariffa) This tangy vegetable grows up to 1 foot tall and has edible lobed leaves. The stems are light green This vegetable is often prepared as a pickle or with chicken or mutton. Popular in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh (Tella Gongura) and Orissa (called Nalite saga in Oriya, Belchanda' among Nepalese, Tengamora among Assamese). In Thai it is know as KraJiabDaeng , som phor dee in Lao, Chaye-Torosh in Farsi, karkade in Arabic, Rosela in Indonesia, asam belanda in Malaysia. Another important edible part is the fleshy sepal (calyx), which is intense red and tastes acidic. Sometimes used as a cranberry substitute it is used to make jelly and juice. The leaves and young stems are eaten raw in salads or cooked as a vegetable. It is also known to be a mild laxative and mild diuretic.

We recommend soaking seeds for 24 hours in warm water before sowing.

SKU Number: 642
Price: $3.49 

Bottle Gourd- Dhol- NEW FOR 2016 !

A shorter variety of Bottle gourd with all the same delicious flavor. Characteristics: 1. Early maturity, growth vigorously, relatively resistance to powdery mildew. Strong fruits setting ability, can set many fruits. 2. About 50-55 days from sowing to harvest, long harvest time, light green fruits, drum shape, fruit length is about 20-25 cm, single fruit weights about 500-700 g. 3. Tender flesh, not easy to ageing, resistant to storage and transportation, good commodity, super high yield.
SKU Number: 360
Price: $2.99 

Jatropha curcas- NEW FOR 2016

Jatropha or physic nut is a plant grown for its seeds. The seeds are in turn processed into oil and further into biodiesel, which can be used in a standard diesel engine.


Note: Jatropha seeds and plants are toxic to humans and animals.

SKU Number: *
Price: $0.00 
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Fava Bean - Broad Windsor NEW FOR 2016!

(Vicia faba) 80 days when sown in spring. Popular in European gardens, Broad Windsor is one of the tastiest of all dried beans and one of the largest. When eaten at the shelling stage, you'll discover why their mild flavor makes them perfect partners with many spices and herbs. Great for Falafel.

Fava Beans prefer cool, mild conditions and are suitable for early spring and fall planting.The sturdy bushes stand 4 feet tall, produce 4-5 inch pods, and are reliably hardy to 12°F. Buff colored seeds.

SKU Number: 770
Price: $2.49 

Italian Bean Roma II NEW FOR 2016!

Bush variety, 55 days. This is an improved Romano, bush type, green bean that produces loads of 6” to 7” long flat pods that are very flavorful. Delicious stir fried in Indian green bean dishes.
SKU Number: 745
Price: $2.49 

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