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Arbi bulbs- Colocasia esculenta - Product Image
Arbi bulbs- Colocasia esculenta

Also known as Elephants ears, taro, Dasheen(Caribbean), Chembu (Malayalam), kalo (Hawaii). The bulb is consumed by many of the world's peoples. It can be eaten as a starchy vegetable, and the leaves (referred to as Patra in Gujarat) are also eaten as a green vegetable. In some parts of the Caribbean the leaves are referred to as Calalloo, while in other parts it is the leaf of the Amaranthus that bears this name. The Hawaiians make poi with the roots and even feel this plant was the original ancestor of the Hawaiian people. As low as $1.50/bulb(corm)
SKU Number: 1570
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Wiri wiri Pepper LIVE plants-SOLD OUT FOR 2015! - Product Image
Wiri wiri Pepper LIVE plants-SOLD OUT FOR 2015!

For our customers from Guyana and other adventurous gardeners, we are pleased to carry live plants of the "Wiri wiri" Pepper. A type of Capsicum frutescens found in the Carribean these tiny pepper rivals habanero in heat. Excellent for salsas, and curries. SOLD OUT FOR 2015!
SKU Number: 1720
Price: $0.00 

Bathua - chenopodium album NEW FOR 2015 - Product Image
Bathua - chenopodium album NEW FOR 2015

Bathua--also known as lamb's quarters or cheel bhaji, is an ancient plant, related to both beets, spinach, and quinoa. Does well in cooler climate so it is best grown in spring or fall. Once grown, the leaves can be harvested and used like spinach.
SKU Number: 678
Price: $2.99 

Ridge Gourd - Madhuri - NEW FOR 2015 - Product Image
Ridge Gourd - Madhuri - NEW FOR 2015

(Luffa acutangula) Madhuri is a highly productive ridge gourd, with a fruit length of 13". with a wide blossom end. The thick flesh is sweet and crisp. A healthy vegetable high in fiber, and minerals. Easy to grow and resistant to insect damage. Ridge gourds have a long growing season of 100 to 180 frost-free days until harvest. If you live in an area with short growing season, you can start seeds indoors four weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. U, HY
SKU Number: 520
Price: $2.49 

Sponge gourd - Sweet Honey NEW FOR 2015 - Product Image
Sponge gourd - Sweet Honey NEW FOR 2015

Sponge gourd or luffa is eaten as a vegetable in it's immature stage. Also known as Galka in India. The sweet honey sponge gourd is our special selected variety, vigorous and prolific. Fruit is green in color, 2 in wide and 10 in long, weighing up to 8 oz. It has excellent taste. Maturity is in 45 days after transplanting.
SKU Number: 955
Price: $2.49 

Beet or beetroot - Dark Red Detroit - Product Image
Beet or beetroot - Dark Red Detroit

(Amaranthaceae Beta vulgaris) 55 days. The most popular, old standard, all-purpose red beet; uniform and smooth, blood red flesh that is sweet and tasty. 14" tops make good greens. An Heirloom variety that was introduced 1892. An early variety, Detroit Dark Red beets store well and are also good for canning and freezing. The dark-green leaves striped with red are wonderful braised or in salads.
SKU Number: 830
Price: $2.49 

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