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Vegetable seedsHerbs & Spice seedsFlower seeds
Plants currently in stock !
Plants currently in stock !
Bulbs and rootsPlants available for Pre-order
Plants not in stock currently

Hybrid Marigold Maya - Orange or Yellow NEW FOR 2014! - Product Image
Hybrid Marigold Maya - Orange or Yellow NEW FOR 2014!

NEW FOR 2014! This super marigold variety produce showy, honeycomb shaped flowers held on sturdy 1 foot plants. The blooms are compact and uniform, are are heat and rain resistant. In India bright yellow and orange marigold flowers are used by the thousands in garlands and to decorate religious statues and buildings. They are also used as offerings and decoration at weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies. Your choice of Yellow or Orange. 1 oz contains 9000 seeds.
SKU Number: 1002
Price: $0.00 
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  Jasmine collection 2

3 Jasmine plants 1each of "Maid of Orleans" Jasmine, 1 Jasminium molle, 1 "Belle of India" Jasmine Save $11.85
SKU Number: 1627
Sale Price: $30.00  Regular Price: $41.85  
You Save: $11.85

  Jasmine collection-1

1 Plant each of the following Jasmine varieties: 1 Maid of Orleans Jasmine, 1 Star Jasmine, 1 Pink Jasmine. 3 Jasmine plants. Save $7.25
SKU Number: 1625
Sale Price: $25.00  Regular Price: $32.85  
You Save: $7.85

Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii) - Product Image
Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya Koenigii)

The aromatic leaves of this plant are used to flavor many Indian dishes much like bay leaves, especially in curries with fish or coconut milk. The original Indian word "Kari" refers to the sauce of these piquant dishes, hence the name curry leaf. Curry leaves are extensively used in Southern India and Sri Lanka, but are also of some importance in Northern India. Together with South Indian immigrants, curry leaves reached Malaysia, South Africa and Reunion island. An easy to raise plant, that needs full sun, grows to 1-3 feet in containers, minimum temperature 55 degrees, blooms in summer. Use any commercial soil mix that is peat or coir based. The soil should be allowed to thoroughly dry between waterings. The plant should be moved indoors during the winter months except in Southern Florida. Water sparingly during the winter months and do not fertilize during these months. Our plants are healthy when shipped. If for some reason you feel that the plant is damaged during transit please send us a digital photo within 5 days of receipt for us to consider replacement. Due to strict customs regulations we cannot ship plants outside mainland USA. 6 sizes available.
SKU Number: 1500
Price: $0.00 
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1 each of Jasmine Sambac "Maid of Orleans", "Grand Duke of Tuscany"medium size and "Belle of India"
SKU Number: 1624
Sale Price: $32.00  Regular Price: $41.85  
You Save: $9.85

Eggplant Shiva - NEW FOR 2014 !  - Product Image
Eggplant Shiva - NEW FOR 2014 !

Shiva is a long dark purple-red type eggplant that is widely adaptable and has a strong resistance to diseases. The fruit are 12 in long by 2.5 in wide, and weigh between 400-600g each. Delicious when stir-fried, or in curries or roasted with Indian spices.
SKU Number: 458
Price: $0.00 
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