Recipe: Palak Paneer

I absolutely love eating paneer dishes. It is a great option no matter what your diet is. Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese that is made by curdling cheese using natural acid, such as lemon juice, and heat. This process create a soft cheese that will not melt, and does not have to be aged to create such qualities.

Whenever I order a paneer dish at a restaurant, I am never satisfied with the quantity of paneer I get. Making the recipe at home allows me to load my wish with tons of delicious paneer. I also recommend pan frying the paneer to enhance the flavor and the texture of the cheese. This adds a refreshing complexity to this classic dish. I use store bought paneer in this recipe, however you can absolutely make your own paneer from scratch!

Palak paneer uses a spinach puree with various Indian spices to create a creamy green dish. In this recipe I use cashewnuts to create the creamy consistency instead of adding cream. I prefer this method as it keeps the dairy to a minimum and creates a creaminess in the dish that is lighter on your stomach.

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