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Arbi plants- Colocasia esculenta

Also known as Elephants ears, taro, Dasheen(Caribbean), Chembu (Malayalam), kalo (Hawaii). The bulb is consumed by many of the world's peoples. It can be eaten as a starchy vegetable, and the leaves (referred to as Patra in Gujarat) are also eaten as a green vegetable. In some parts of the Caribbean the leaves are referred to as Calalloo, while in other parts it is the leaf of the Amaranthus that bears this name. The Hawaiians make poi with the roots and even feel this plant was the original ancestor of the Hawaiian people. Deep Purplish leaves.



How supplied: Plant growing in 2.5" pot.

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Piper sarmentosum (Wild Pepper) - NEW FOR 2021!

The leaves of Piper sarmentosum are eaten in Southeast Asia and Northeastern India. It has a nice peppery flavor, it is delicious chopped up into salads. The leaves can also be added to curries, or blanched and used as an herb. Larger leaves can be lightly steamed and then used as wraps for vegetables

It resembles Piper Betel (Paan) but doesn't have the intense flavor of Paan.

For medicinal use, the whole plant is anodyne, antiinflammatory, expectorant, and is said to have anti-cancer properties. It is used to cure skin diseases, rheumatism, headache, diarrhoea and toothache.


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Sweet Bay (Bay leaf plant)

(Laurus nobilis) Best known as a seasoning, sweet bay or bay laurel is an evergreen shrub or tree that is native of the Mediterranean area. The dark green leaves are very fragrant, especially when dried. Dried leaves are broken or crumbled into cooking foods and allowed to permeate the dish. The leaves don’t soften much in cooking and are removed before eating. It is a slow growing shrub and can easily be grown in a container. We currenly have beautiful 10-12 inch plants. 



Our plants are healthy at the time of shipping. If for some reason you feel that the plant is damaged during transit please send us a digital photo within 5 days of receipt for us to consider replacement.  Due to strict customs regulations we cannot ship plants outside mainland USA. 

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Fine Leaf thyme plant

Thymus vulgaris:  a relative of Spanish thyme, this thyme variety is popular in Guyana.  It is used to flavor many Caribbean dishes.
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