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Hybrid Marigold Maya

This super marigold variety produce showy, honeycomb shaped flowers held on sturdy 1 foot plants. The blooms are compact and uniform, are are heat and rain resistant. In India bright yellow and orange marigold flowers are used by the thousands in garlands and to decorate religious statues and buildings. They are also used as offerings and decoration at weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies.

Currently we offer 2 color varieties of Maya, yellow and orange.

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Bloom Color  

Marigold Crackerjack

(Tagetes erecta ) Marigolds are among the most popular and easiest to grow annuals, blooming all summer until fall frost. In India bright yellow and orange marigold flowers are used in their thousands in garlands and to decorate religious statues and buildings. They are also used as offerings and decoration at funerals, weddings and other ceremonies. This tall type, produces large yellow, orange, and gold carnation like flowers. Ideal anywhere height is needed, including against walls, fences, and as a cut flower.
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Zinnia-California Giants Mixed Colors - Product Image
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Zinnia-California Giants Mixed Colors

(Zinnia elegans) Giant blooms - up to 5" (12 cm) across - The flat-petaled semi-double flowers are displayed on long, graceful stems all summer and into fall. The mix includes a full range of earthtone colors. Plants are easy to grow and come into flower quickly. Use in mass plantings and mixed sunny beds. Excellent for cutting.
SKU: 1030
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A dwarf  Zinnia variety (6 inch plants) with semi-double and double flowers.  Excellent for containers, borders and gardens with less space.

Plant Height:  6"
Plant Spacing:  4-6"
Plant Depth:  1/4"
Germination Time:  7-10 Days

Light:  Sun 

SKU: 1031
Price: $1.75 

Nasturtium-Dwarf Jewel Mix Brilliant - Product Image
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Nasturtium-Dwarf Jewel Mix Brilliant

(Tropaeolum minus) Red, orange, salmon, and yellow flowers are boldly displayed upon bushes of thick green, round leaves. Makes a beautiful border plant. Salad-savvy adults have probably enjoyed the peppery tang of nasturtium leaves and edible flowers among their greens.
SKU: 1010
Price: $1.75 

Four-O'Clocks - Marvel of Peru

(Mirabilis jalapa)The plants of this variety are lush and bushy to three feet. The tubular flowers bloom in iridescent purple, white, red, yellow and striped. Their name derives from the fact that their flowers open in the late afternoon and stay open until the next morning, except on cloudy days when they open earlier. The fragrance of four-o'clocks is also appealing. In India, is has medicinal uses.
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Hummingbird tree (Sesbania grandiflora) Agathi Keerai - Product Image
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Hummingbird tree (Sesbania grandiflora) Agathi Keerai

Sesbania grandiflora is a small erect, fast-growing, and sparsely branched tree that reaches 32 feet in height. The flowers, young leaves and tender pods of the white flowered hummingbird tree are edible. All parts of the tree are also utilized for medicine in Southeastern Asia and India including preparations derived from the roots, bark, gum, leaves, flowers, and fruit. The leaves are rich  in Vitamin, A, Iron and Calcium.

The tree thrives under full exposure to sunshine and is extremely frost sensitive. 

In Tamil the tree is called Kathurumurunga or akatthi,(Agathi Keerai). In Hindi gaach-munga, in Telugu avisi, in Bengali Bokful, and Hadga Flower in Marathi.

 Please note that Humming bird tree seeds need to be scarified (scrape seed on sand paper till you can barely seed the inside layer) and soak for 24 hours before sowing.

Packet of approximately 10 seeds 


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Price: $3.99 

Sunflower-Autumn Beauty - Product Image
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Sunflower-Autumn Beauty

An appealing mixture of bright warm toned flowers. The strong stemmed blooms grow on tall plants producing an abundance of cut flowers. Rich shades of orange, yellow, bronze, and red on multibranched plants. More colorful than the standard yellow sunflower. Use as a backdrop for shorter plantings, as a temporary hedge or for color in the vegetable garden.
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Cosmos- Sensation Mix - Product Image
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Cosmos- Sensation Mix

4 foot plants bearing large single flowers with yellow centers. Colors range from pink, white, crimson and rose. Makes an excellent background plant or to grow in a meadow. Easy.
SKU: 1050
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Crossandra - Tropic flame (Kanakambaram)  - Product Image
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Crossandra - Tropic flame (Kanakambaram)

(Crossandra infundibuliformis) Hardy in Florida, Southern California and South America. Can be used in outdoor containers or landscape plantings in southern USA. Very popular in the northeast as an excellent indoor pot plant during winter and summer months. Plants love heat but are susceptible to cold drafts and cool night temps. Plants stay compact indoors and will bloom continuously in a warm environment. Annual 10in/25cm


Approx. 20-30 seeds/pkt.

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