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Check here for exclusive, limited stock items! Ravi is excited to share rarer and harder to obtain items with his Seeds of India family! 


Don't hesitate on these items as once these items sell out, theres no guarantee they will be back! 

Custard Apple-Sitaphal(Annona Squamosa) - Product Image
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Custard Apple-Sitaphal(Annona Squamosa)

Custard apple, known as Sitaphal in Hindi, is the most widely cultivated species of the Annona genus. It is a tropical climate loving tree that can grow up to 20ft tall. While the seeds are  toxic to consume, the flesh of the sugar apple is creamy and delicious. It is a delicacy anywhere that these trees can flourish. In India, the crushed leaves are also used for medicinal applications. 

 It is recommended to plant these seeds 1" deep and use a well draining soil mix. It is important to maintain, warmth, humidity, and moisture during germination. 

 *We highly recommend cleaning these seeds with gentle soap & water to minimize fungal growth risk during germination. Dilute fungicide spray can also be used to treat the seeds to minimize the risk of fungal growth on your germinating seeds..

 **Due to the limited nature of the stock, there are absolutely no replacements for this item. Ensure you are confident in your technique prior to sowing these seeds. 


5 seeds/pack 

SKU: 2303
Price: $4.95