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Indian-type tomato with a sour taste. A must for all Indian dishes, and are excellent for making soups especially rasam. 3 oz. flat, round, and firm fruits are borne on determinate plants. Highly disease tolerant. Hy.
SKU: 215
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Tomato- Red Cherry Large - Product Image
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Tomato- Red Cherry Large

75 days. Small deep globe shape, firm flesh. Excellent table quality, also for commercial use. Indeterminate. ~20 seeds.


OP variety, untreated seed

SKU: 224
Price: $2.75 
Quantity Available:  306

Tomato Roma - VF-Sale! - Product Image
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Tomato Roma - VF-Sale!

Superior paste type tomato resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts. Bears big crops of bright red, plum-shaped fruits with meaty interiors, and few seeds. The fruits weight about 2 ounces. Excellent for canning, eating whole or adding body to tomato juice.
SKU: 203
Sale Price: $2.25 Regular Price: $2.75  

Tomato-Rutgers-Sale! - Product Image
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Rutgers: We are proud to carrry New Jersey's own heirloom variety.  Its fruits weigh around six ounces, are bright red in color, globular and slightly flattened in shape with smooth, thick crack resistant walls. Excellent for both slicing and cooking, delicious fruit are borne on tall vines. Determinate growth.

Resistant to verticillium wilt (V), fusarium wilt (F), and alternaria stem canker (A). 

SKU: 221
Sale Price: $2.99 Regular Price: $3.35  

Tomato - Gumdrop-SALE! - Product Image
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Tomato - Gumdrop-SALE!

90 days. Lovely grape shaped variety produces an excellent crop of large clusters with exceptional sweet flavor. 20+ seeds/Pkt
SKU: 226
Sale Price: $2.99 Regular Price: $3.25  

Watermelon-Sugarbaby - Product Image
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Now everyone can grow watermelon in their own back yard with this lunchbox variety which features a very dark green rind and a red flesh color. One of the sweetest and earliest melons with very small seeds. Fruit grows 8" round. The fruit typically weigh between 9 and 12 pounds.
SKU: 600
Price: $2.75 

Watermelon - Midnight

Midnight is a F1 Hybrid black skinned Watermelon. 

Variety: Early maturity fruiting, with vigorous plant growth.

Fruit Picking: 60-65 days after sowing

Fruit: Round, black rind, 4-5 kg. Pulp is very sweet with blood red in colour.

Yield: 900-950 q/ha.

Specification: Good for distant tranportation. Tolerant from fusarium wilt and anthranose.

SKU: 605
Price: $2.99 
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Kajari Melon  - Product Image
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Kajari Melon

(Cucumis melo kajari) Kajari is a small heirloom melon grown in the Punjab region of India. The fruit average 2 to 3 pounds. They are very sweet with a creamy texture and a fruity fragrance with a taste reminiscent of a ripe honeydew. They look like beach balls with their bright red-orange, light green and dark green stripes!
Grow in sandy rich soil which is slightly acidic.  Plant directly in the garden after all danger of frost.  You can start them indoors 4-6 weeks before.
Resistant to powdery and downy mildews. 
70 days 

SKU: 616
Price: $2.99 
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Cantaloupe-Hale's Best Jumbo - Product Image
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Cantaloupe-Hale's Best Jumbo

Heirloom. An old, classic favorite dating from the 1920s, this ribbed melon has a heavily netted skin.  Combines excellent flavor and earliness.  Large and oval, well-netted, small seed cavity, salmon flesh, 87 days.



SKU: 610
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Cantaloupe-Topmark - Product Image
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Vigorous dark-green vine and foliage; very prolific and has excellent crown set; fruit is ribless, excellent netting, small seed cavity, and 5.5 x 6.6 inches; the flesh is salmon-colored.
SKU: 612
Sale Price: $1.50 Regular Price: $2.49