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Banana Plant - var. Gros Michel OUT OF STOCK TILL SPRING 2022!

Grow your own Bananas!

Gros Michel also known as "Big Mike" is the variety of banana that was popular in the US before the 1950's.  Gros Michel produces delicious fruit, known for its legendary flavor.

In India, where over forty varieties are cultivated, bananas are an integral part of the culture.  Upon attending an Indian wedding, one may see a banana stalk near the stage symbolizing fertility.  The wedding luncheon is often served on banana leaves in Southern India.

Banana plants love warm fertile soils with consistent moisture. Full sun exposures are best, a long growing season is required to set the flowering stalk and subsequent fruits.  Banana plants do best in tropical and subtropical climates, but can be grown in large containers in the Northern United States.



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