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Bathua - chenopodium album

Bathua--also known as lamb's quarters or cheel bhaji, is an ancient plant, related to both beets, spinach, and quinoa. The Bathua leaves are boiled and eaten as other leafy vegetables in India. Some of the recipes that are prepared in India are Raita, paratha of bathua leaves, and yogurt bathua. Does well in cooler climates so it is best grown in spring or fall. Once grown, the leaves can be harvested and used like spinach. Rich in Fiber and Vitamin A.

Here are some of the other names that Bathua goes by:

English: White Goosefoot, Goosefoot, Allgood,  melde, 
Pigweed, Lambsquarters, Lamb’s-quarters, Wild Spinach and fat-hen

Hindi: Bathua, Bathuwa , Cheel Bhaji, Chill Bhaji, Bettusag 
Marathi: Hakvaath, Chandan bathua
Malayalam: Katu ayamoddakam, Vastuccira 
Bengali: Chandan betu, Chandanbethu, Beto Sag
Tamil: Parupukkirai
Kannada: Kaduoma, Sakothina soppu 

Gujarati: Tanjaliyo, Tandaliyo, Chilni bhaji

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