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Drumstick tree seed-New Variety Available!

Drumstick pods and leaves are used in Indian dishes such as sambar and avial. In most of the U.S., it can be raised as a container plant, and will start producing pods by the eleventh month. In Florida, it can be grown outdoors south of Fort Myers as well as in Arizona and Southern California. Nutritionally, the leaves are rich in Vitamin C , Vitamin A, calcium, protein and potassium. The bark of the tree has been used to treat abdominal discomfort, boils, cold, rheumatism and scorpion bites, while the leaves have been found effective for the treatment of hypertension and conjunctivitis.

We currently offer 5 varieties of Moringa seeds

  • Dwarf Variety PKM1
  • Dwarf Variety PKM2
  • Dwarf Variety ODC3-fastest growing hybrid
  • Full sized Moringa tree var Shah Jahan
  • NEW!-Large Leaf Hybrid Moringa var Mumtaz


We recommend soaking the seed in warm water overnight before sowing 1/2 in deep.

SKU: 160
Price: $4.49