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Henna tree sapling (Lawsonia inermis) - SOLD OUT TILL 2021!

Lawsonia inermis -  Henna is classified as a shrub or a small tree that can grow to a height of 6.5 to 23 feet (2-7 m.). It can survive in a wide range of growing conditions, from soil that is quite alkaline to quite acidic, and with annual rainfall that is both sparse to heavy. It is not cold hardy, but can be grown in a large pot indoors during winter.

The dye that is used on the skin as mehndi, comes from crushing the dried leaves. The leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and seeds are also used to treat diarrhea, fever, leprosy, burns, and much more.

Henna thrives in dry environments with poor soil.

Plants are approximately 7-8 inches long. 

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