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Hot Pepper-Guntur Chilli

Guntur Chillies are a group of cultivars that come from the Guntur and Prakasam districts in Andhra Pradesh. The Guntur district is the main producer and exporter of Chillies and Chilli powder in India. The signature Guntur chilli has a thick skin and deep red color due to its high concentraction of capsaicin. These attributes make it excellent for drying. They add an excellent depth to curries by imbuing a rich red color and high pungency (30,000-350,000 SHU) that keeps the palate coming back for more.

Our variety produces well branched, bushy plants that are strong producers. They produce an average of 300-400 q/ha. They are tolerant to mosiac virus. Plants give first fruit roughly 70-80 days after first transplant. Fruits are long (10-12cm), with 1-1.5cm thickness, and a high pungency. They are great either fresh or dried!

Our variety is OP and the seeds are untreated.

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