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Mulukhiyah-Nile Emerald-LIMITED STOCK! - Product Image
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Mulukhiyah-Nile Emerald-LIMITED STOCK!

Mulukhiyah or Molikia (Corchorus olitorius), also known as Jute mallow is a nutrient packed green with origins in the Middle East. This spinach is highly regarded in Egypt and has been a staple dish for thousands of years. Germination can take about 10-25 days and greens are typically ready for harvest in about 60 days.  Molokia can be planted directly in the ground after last frost, or can be started indoors. These plants do best in full sun with plenty of water in well draining soil. 

To harvest, wait for plants to reach about 2ft in height. You can harvest about 6in off the plant to get the tastiest and most tender leaves. The leaves will replenish themselves and this practices can be repeated throughout the summer for a continual harvest. 

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