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NEW!-Cockscomb/Mawal(Celosia Cristata)-"Josh" - Product Image
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NEW!-Cockscomb/Mawal(Celosia Cristata)-"Josh"

Known as Mawal in Kashmiri, Celosia Cristata is believed to be native to India. It is also called Cockscomb, because it looks like the top of a roosters head. It now can be found throughout various parts of Asia.  It is believed to have been saved from exctintion due to its eyecatching crested appearance, as well as it religious importance throughout Asia. 

 Mawal is in the same family as Amaranthus, and it shares its same edible and nutritious nature.  Cockscomb flower is also famously used in the dish Rogan Josh to imbue the dish with its signature red color. 

 Cockscomb is  known to be easy to grow and does well indoors and out. It is a great addition to your garden with its unique appearance as well as its culinary applications. 

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