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NEW-Saffron Bulbs(Crocus sativus)-Ready to Ship! - Product Image
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NEW-Saffron Bulbs(Crocus sativus)-Ready to Ship!

Crocus sativus, is a species of mysterious origin. Traditional literature dictates that Crocus sativus originated in Asia. However, botanical research ties its origins to the wild variety, Crocus cartwrightianus, which is indigenous to southern Greece. Saffron was first domesticated and used by Humans over 4,000 years ago. The domesticated Crocus sativus is known to be sexually sterile.

Hence,the flower responsible for producing the most expensive culinary spice in the world is genetically unable to reproduce on its own. It is completely reliant on human vegetative multiplication to proliferate.The dried stigmas of the flower of the Saffron Crocus are what make the highly coveted spice. Saffron was/is prized for its culinary and medicinal purposes, along with its use as a dye and a fragrance. Due to its versatility, its cultivation quickly spread around the globe.

Crocus sativus is an Autumn flowering variety that should be planted in the Fall and is known to flower shortly after planting. They bloom on average for about 3 weeks. Bulbs should be planted 3" deep and spaced about 2-3" apart. The bulbs can be overwintered and will send vegetative growth and proliferate in the spring before bringing fall blooms again.For Zones below 6, it is advised to dig up bulbs and overwinter them indoors.

Known as Kesar in Hindi, Zafran in Urdu, Kong Posh in Kashmiri,Japharana in Bengali,Kungumapoo in Tamil, and Kunkumapoovu in Malayalam. This flower is an excellent addition to any garden and kitchen.


Pack sizes of 5,10, 20 & 30 available.

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