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NEW-Tulip-Antionette bulbs-Ready to Ship!

This variety of tulips is known to grow in bunches. They tend to send 4 flower per stem. With their eye-catching appearance,they are great for planting in containers, and border plots. 

Tulips originate from Central Asia and were first cultivated in Persia as early as the 10th Century. They spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world throughout the centuries. Specific varieties can only be reliably propogated through rhizome proliferation, making bulbs to specific treasured varieties highly valuable. During the height of Dutch Tulipmania in the 1600's, people were known to have sold their homes, and the like, for a single bulb of certain varieties.

Tulips are best planted when soil temperatures are between 40-50 degrees F. Tulips will bloom in the spring after getting at least 12 weeks of temperatures below 50 degrees. They can be planted between September and December, depending on where you live.

Pack Sizes of 5 & 10 available

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