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Neem tree-Free Ajwain with Purchase -restock TBD

Neem Tree  is in the Mahogany family and is native to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. It grows well in tropical and semi-tropical regions. They are grown in the country side through out India. It grows well in tropical and semi-tropical regions. Neem tree is the official tree of the Sindh Province. The fruits and seeds are the source of neem oil which is a highly treasured oil in India. It is now becoming a popular medicine for many skin issues in the US. Neem oil is loaded with nutrients that can help with acne, dry skin, is even said to help with scars, and much more! The flowers have a sweet smell ! Neem Trees can become quite a large tree in a tropical location, up to 75'. It grows best in full to partial sun. It requires average water and fertilizer. It has to be grown in a container and kept trimmed back in non-tropical locations. Temperatures below 40F should be avoided. Full-grown trees can survive to 32F. Hardy to Zone 9 and higher for outdoors.


 These are large mature trees with extensive roots

 We will be releasing multiple waves of stock typically on a weekly basis as they become ready for shipping. Smaller sizes options may become availabe as well.  

Our plants are healthy at the time of shipping and we pack with the utmost care. ALL SALES FINAL on plants! It is your responsibility to check your mail after ordering a live plant! It is natural for some branch or leaves to fall in transit. Due to strict customs regulations we cannot ship plants outside mainland USA. 


These plants are expenive to produce and grow to size. We pack everything with great care. Absolutely no replacements will be considered for these plants for any reason. Order at your risk. 

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Be Back in stock soon.