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New!-Purple Yam/Kand(Dioscorea alata) Plant

Purple yam/Kand is a widely cultivated tuber that can trace its origins to Southeast Asia. It is also known as Kand, Ube,and Ratala, and a number of other names.  Its tubers can vary in color from light/dark purple to a cream/white color.  

History of Cultivation: Purple Yam species only known species are tied to human cultivation. This is because many of the cultivars are sterile and rely on human vegetative propogation to aid in their proliferation. 

Culinary: Kand have an edible, starchy tuber. They carry a slightly sweet, yet earthy taste. Throughout the worlds cuisines it can be used in savory dishes, like Gujarati Undhiyu, or even as a dessert ingredient in Kheer, or Filipino dishes, like Halo-halo. 

Gardening Tips: Purple Yam prefers nutritious,loose, but well draining soil. They do best in warm and humid climates, and prefer a neutral pH/slightly acidic soil. It is good to apply some fertilizer periodically. Leaves can also be trained on a trellis to encourage further growth.  It is important to wane watering as the plant seasonal cycle comes to an end in order to prevent the tuber from rotting.  This plant can propogate by sending aerial tubers. 


Current offer is for 2.5" Pot plant. 


Our plants are healthy at the time of shipping and we pack with the utmost care. ALL SALES FINAL on plants! It is your responsibility to check your mail after ordering a live plant! It is natural for some branch or leaves to fall in transit. Due to strict customs regulations we cannot ship plants outside mainland USA.   

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Price: $7.95