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Parijat-Nyctanthes arbortristis-Coming Soon!

Parijat(Nyctanthes arbortristis), is a rare and highly revered type of shrub/tree that has a gray flakey bark. It is also called night flowering jasmine or coral jasmine. It is also referred to as Har-shringaar, Xewalee,Sepalika,parijatha, parijatam, Pavizhamalli, paardak, prajakta, Seikphaloo, in various regions of India. Despite some of its nicknames containing the word Jasmine, it is technically not a Jasmine at all.

Their flowers can have between 5-8 petals and grow in clusters of 2-6, that bloom at dusk. Eventually, the flowers form heart shaped seeds. These seeds have a short shelf life and can be difficult to germinate and grow to a healthy size, hence their rarity outside of India.

These plants have medicinal, religious, and symbolic importance. In Hindu lore, Parijat came from the churning of the cosmic ocean. Parijat is known to be beloved by Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Krishna. The tree was kept in the heavens in Indra's garden. As the story goes, Krishna battled Indra to bring the Parijat tree from the heavens to appease one of his wives, Satyabhama. The flower is known as the ornament of the gods, and is the only flower that can be offered as puja after touching the ground.



.Partial/Indirect sunlight and well draining soil is best. Watering must be tapered during indoor winter care to protect roots from rot.


We will be releasing multiple waves of stock typically on a weekly basis as they become ready for shipping. Smaller sizes options may become availabe as well.  




Our plants are healthy at the time of shipping and we pack with the utmost care. ALL SALES FINAL on plants! It is your responsibility to check your mail after ordering a live plant! It is natural for some branch or leaves to fall in transit. Due to strict customs regulations we cannot ship plants outside mainland USA.




These plants are extremely rare and sensitive. We pack everything with great care. Absolutely no replacements will be considered for these plants for any reason. Order at your risk.

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