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Phalsa plant OUT OF STOCK TILL SPRING 2020!

(Grewia asiatica)  Also known as Sherbert Berry.

The blueberry sized edible fruit of the Phalsa are loaded with antioxidants. Drought tolerant and easily maintained plant.  Indiginous throughout India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia. Fruits in summer. They can be eaten fresh with salt and black pepper or can be made into a thirst quenching tart beverage. The fruit is eaten raw with relish and sold in New Delhi streets in summers, with great enthusiasm by singing hawkers. Has many medicinal uses.

Sherbert Berry flowers in the spring and can fruit all summer long.  Flowers are yellow, foliage is bronze and green, fruit is a deep pink to purple color.  

Hardy in the southern states zones 9-11.  Deciduous. Light frosts will cause leaves to be shed but are not usually damaging. Mature size is from 6-15 ft.

Regional names:• Hindi: Falsa • Manipuri:  Sanjelhei • Kannada: Phulsha • Telugu: Phutiki • Sindhi: Pharaho • Konkani: Phalsi • Gujarati: Shukri • Sanskrit: Mriduphal  Oriya: Pharosakoli • Malayalam: Chadicha • Tamil: Unnu 


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