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Winged bean - Vimaan

Psophocarpus tetra-gonolobus

The winged bean is one of the newest Asian vegetables coming to market these days, and we are pleased to carry the seeds. Known for centuries in tropical Asia, this attractive climbing perennial is more or less your total meal: all parts of the plant are edible: the pods, the beans inside, the shoots, the flowers and even the tuber. But it is the pods that are seen in Asian markets : long, flat and covered with frilly wings along four edges. Best of all, winged beans are fairly easy to grow and make a flavorful addition to stir-fries and grills. The hard seed is difficult to germinate so it is recommended to soak for 48 hours. In our temperate climate it is best grown as an annual. It does well in humid tropics with high rainfall. It is also known as Goa Bean, and is found in Southern India, known as Sirahu Avarai in Tamil and Chathura Payar in Malayalam.

Growth habit: VINE

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