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Eggplant-Black Beauty - Product Image
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Eggplant-Black Beauty

The oval fruits average 8 inches long and 3-1/2 inches wide. The fruits are 1 to 3 pounds in size. Tolerant to Tobacco Mosaic virus. The flesh is pale yellow, and ideal for breading and frying. 73-85 days to harvest. 
SKU: 467
Price: $2.49 

Eggplant - Badshah - NEW FOR 2021!

Small oval eggplant with glossy reddish-purple skin. Fruits weigh 50-60g and are perfect for making stuffed eggplant. Also known as the chu-chu variety in India.

SKU: 465
Price: $2.99 

Eggplant - Cloud Nine

65 days,F1 hybrid. Long pure white teardrop shaped, bitter-free eggplants, 7 in/17 cm in length, 2.75 in/7 cm wide with a green calyx. Plants are resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Good foliage cover. Excellent variety.
SKU: 469
Price: $3.25 

Eggplant-Ratna - BACK IN STOCK!

Eggplants come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are prized in the Indian kitchen. These scrumptious eggplants are easy to grow and do well in the heat of the summer.  Ratna is a round to oval variety that's early maturing, and very productive.  This shape and size is the proto-typical Indian eggplant. Dark purple, can be harvested while small or large.


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SKU: 455
Price: $2.99 

Eggplant Andaz

Light green oblong fruits borne in a cluster. The productive fruit should be harvested when 3 1/2 oz.
SKU: 471
Price: $2.49